Disable an AutoFormat feature

To disable an AutoFormat feature, so it does not affect you as you type:

  1. Choose Tools → AutoCorrect Options.

  2. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

  3. Deselect the option and click OK.


  • You can turn the option on again by returning to Tools ? AutoCorrect Options and reselecting the option.
  • The AutoFormat As You Type options do not retroactively replace text that already exists. They only affect new text that you type.
  • You should also configure the options on the AutoFormat tab. These options cause AutoFormat changes to be applied to a document when it is opened.

You will probably want to disable:

  • The AutoFormat feature that turns Internet and e-mail addresses into hyperlinks. Choose Tools ? AutoCorrect, click the AutoFormat and AutoFormat As You Type tabs and clear the Internet option on each.

  • The AutoFormat As You Type options that apply lists, borders, tables, and heading styles.

  • The AutoFormat As You Type option to define styles based on formatting. (This option is off already, by default, in Word 2003.)

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