Digital Photo Frames Bring Cherished Photos to Life

Westinghouse Digital Electronics announced a stylish new lineup of digital photo frames, a cool way to enjoy your photos and share them with loved ones. These frames—the 14.1" DPF-1411, the 10.2" DPF-1021, the 8" DPF-0802, and the 7" DPF-0702—are innovative ways for photo novices and aficionados alike to tell complete digital stories.

Digital photo frames are a great showcase for pictures and events, and can be unique additions to any home or office. The new Westinghouse units are a great way to preserve digital photos of vacations, family gatherings, celebrations, birthdays, parties, loved ones or any special occasion. The lineup features elegant frame designs, high-resolution digital panels in large sizes for improved picture viewing, expanded memory and the company's MosaicView technology. MosaicView displays multiple images simultaneously. For example, one frame can highlight several images from a recent vacation: one arriving at a resort, one on the beach, one of a night on the town and so on. Users also have the ability to run a complete MosaicView slideshow.

Westinghouse's new digital photo frames offer users the latest capabilities, including individual slideshow or picture viewing, a variety of transitions for slideshows, variable speeds for slideshows, and support for JPEG, AVI Motion JPEG, MPEG 1 and MPEG 4 files. The units auto detect and display multiple picture orientation with MosaicView, and offer random picture shuffle.

The DPF-0702 is a good entry-level model if you want to showcase images at a very affordable cost. With 128MB of built-in memory, you can save files from a memory card to the frame directly. The DPF-0802 and DPF-1021 are good choices if you're looking for a larger screen and a more advanced model. The DPF-0802 offers a high 800 x 600 resolution, and the DPF-1021 offers 800 x 480 resolution. Both have 128MB of built in memory, with playback modes that include MosaicView and Individual View Slide Show, and sport two USB ports for file transfers and USB drive compatibility. Westinghouse's largest digital photo frame, the DPF-1411, is great if you're looking to showcase once-in-a-lifetime memorable events, such as a birth, a wedding, or graduation. With its massive 14.1" screen real estate, the DPF-1411 acts as a true work of art that's perfect to mount on a wall and show your digital photos to the world. It features a 16:9 aspect ratio display, 128MB of built in memory with playback modes that include MosaicView and Individual View Slide Show, and offers two USB ports for file transfers and USB drive compatibility.

The new series of Westinghouse digital photo frames are available now: DPF-0702 ($119); the 8" DPF-0802 ($179); the 10.2" DPF-1021 ($249); and the 14.1" DPF-1411 ($399).

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