Did You Miss It? Microsoft's Super Bowl Ad Touted as One of the Best

Did You Miss It? Microsoft's Super Bowl Ad Touted as One of the Best

During Super Bowl Sunday each year, there are many people who sit down with Cheeto-dusted fingers just to watch the commercials. Before Twitter and Facebook, it was to ensure not to feel left out of office talk the following morning. Most of the talk, these days, hits the social networks in real time so there's less to discuss in-person at work.

Touted as one of the best commercials for the 2014 Super Bowl, Microsoft put together a compelling piece that showcases, not the Microsoft-the-company, but instead how Microsoft's technology makes our world a better place. This is a great tact by the company, focusing less on the company and more on how Microsoft technologies are a part of all of our lives.

The commercial is narrated by former NFL player, Steve Gleason. Steve lives with ALS, which is a motor neurone ailment, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease. Through the use of a Microsoft Surface and specialized software, Steve is able to communicate with the world around him and also with the online world. Steve helps highlight several important ways that Microsoft technologies work to improve the human condition. What do you think?

Obviously, for those that know me, my favorite was the Seinfeld excerpt. While the Super Bowl version only lasted 90 seconds, there is a full-length, six minute version that Jerry used for this month's episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Here's the full version:

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