Dialogic Business Communications Platform Boards

The MSI/SC Analog Station board and the D/SC Voice Series board are two types of Dialogic Business Communications Platform boards you can use with Artisoft's TeleVantage 2.0. MSI/SC Analog Station boards provide support for the attachment of 8, 16, or 24 standard-analog telephone extensions. D/SC Voice Series boards provide connectivity and digital voice-processing support for as many as 16 standard-analog trunk lines. Versions of the D/SC Voice Series boards are also available to support attachment of one or two digital T1 lines, which provide a higher-density wiring scheme (i.e., 24 or 48 trunk lines) than non-T1 lines provide. The maximum configuration that TeleVantage supportsone dual-T1 board and six 24-port MSI/SC Analog Station boards—can support 48 trunk lines and 144 standard-analog stations. The number of configured voice-processing channels limits the number of calls the system can handle simultaneously. You can add D/SC Voice Series boards to increase your digital voice-processing capacity (e.g., to support calls between local extensions when all trunk lines are in use). For more information about these boards, visit Dialogic's Web site at http://www.dialogic.com.

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