DB2 for NT at a Glance and BackOffice Logo Server Requirements

  • Supports TCP/IP, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX, and Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APPC)
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Level 2
  • 16- and 32-bit ODBC apps under NT
  • Windows 95 client support
  • Extensions for multimedia data types (image, audio, fingerprint, full-text search)
  • WWW connection
  • Replication, but only as an add-on
  • Parallel-processing version in the works


BackOffice Logo Server Requirements

    Server software must satisfy the following four requirements to qualify for Microsoft's BackOffice Server logo:
  1. Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) must be able to install and uninstall the software.
  2. The software must act as a Windows NT service. (i.e., for DB2, users can have single-seat administration from a remote workstation.)
  3. The software must support TCP/IP and IPX/SPX for network independence.
  4. The software must provide a unified logon. (DB2 for NT provides one logon to NT and DB2, so DB2 doesn't have to authenticate a user.)
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