A Day in an IT Consultant's Life

Sung to the tune of "A DAY IN A LIFE,"  by John Lennon and Paul McCartney


I checked email today oh, boy

About a server crash in mid upgrade

And though the news was rather sad

Well, I just had to call

To stop the server sprawl

Got to the client in my car

They hadn't noticed that their email's down

A crowd of people stood around

I'd seen those faces before

Nobody was really sure if they should just bail for the day…….


I saw the data center today

The email server was a dead black brick

A crowd of developers stood away.

But I just had to look

Having read a book

I love to turn the server on.


Heard the beeps, the drives are dead

Put my cell phone to my head

Found a Starbucks quick and drank a cup

And looking up, I noticed I was late

Called the vendor and grabbed my disc

Then Identified the risk

Found a workaround, deployed it fast

Somebody spoke, we have email at last



I read the news today oh, boy

The price of memory went up again

And though the hike was rather small

I must upgrade again

Now we know we're never really down with the server farm.

I keep the servers on and on and on and on and on and on………………


--by Curt Spanburgh

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