Customizable Loudspeakers for Your Home Theater

Atlantic Technology introduced the System 6200 home-theater loudspeakers, a speaker system that adapts to any room and is more cost-effective than the System 8200 THX Ultra 2, Atlantic Technology's flagship speaker system. The System 6200 includes right, left, center, surround, and pedestal subwoofer speakers that you can customize according to room size or shape and speaker placement. The system's Custom Optimized Room Enhanced (CORE) technology lets you add optional elements such as accent panels, enclosure subs, and dipole, bipole, or direct-radiator surrounds. You can match the System 6200 to your home-theater decor. The system comes in matte black and five color panel kits. Pricing for one system is $6600 to $11,000, depending on configuration and finish options. For more information about the System 6200, contact Atlantic Technology at 781-762-6300 or on the Web.

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