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Create an Operations Manager Override

Create an Operations Manager Override

Q: How do I create a System Center Operations Manager override?

A: Often in Operations Manager you might want to tweak certain thresholds to better suit alerts to meet your organization's requirements. To create an override for an existing alert, perform the following. In this example, I focus on changing the high-memory utilization alert for a Hyper-V server managed by System Center Virtual Machine Manager:

  1. Open the Operations Manager console.
  2. Open the Monitoring workspace.
  3. Navigate to Active Alerts.
  4. Right click the alert, and from the context menu select Overrides, Override the Monitor, For all objects of class: Hyper-V Host. (See screen shot below.)
  5. Check the parameter you want to override--for example, Critical Threshold--and set the Override Value to the desired. For the Management Pack, click New... if this is the first time you have created an override for this management pack, and create a new Management Pack named Override- (e.g., Override-SCVMM2012). This enables easier management of the overrides; then click OK. If it's not the first override for the MP, and you previously created the override MP, then select it.
  6. Click Apply, then OK.
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