Create a master document

A master document allows you to assemble a single, large document out of smaller subdocuments. The subdocuments are stored as separate files, linked into the master document.

To create a master document:

  1. Switch to the Outline view by choosing View → Outline.
  2. Make sure the Master Document View buttons are showing. If not, click the Master Document View button. Master Document View button

A master document contains subdocuments.

  • Insert an existing document as a subdocument by clicking the Insert Subdocument button. Insert Subdocument button

    When you insert a subdocument that has styles with the same name as styles in the master document, you are asked whether you want to rename the styles in the subdocuments. If you choose No, the style names in the subdocuments remain the same, so the styles from the master document apply to the subdocument. It is usually the best practice to choose No or No to All when prompted to rename styles in the subdocument.

  • Delete a subdocument by selecting it and clicking the Remove Subdocument button. Remove Subdocument button

    This removes the subdocument from the master document. It does not delete the actual file of the subdocument.

As master documents become longer, you will want to be able to manage the subdocuments more easily:

  • Click Collapse Subdocuments or Expand Subdocuments to hide or view the contents of the subdocuments. Collapse Subdocuments buttonExpand Subdocuments button
  • You can split or merge subdocuments using buttons on the toolbar.

You can convert a large document into a master document and subdocuments.

  1. Switch to the Outline view.
  2. Select content in the document.
  3. Click the Create Subdocument button. Create Subdocument button

    When you close the master document, each subdocument will be saved with a filename based on the first text in the subdocument. Remember that subdocuments are separate files, linked into the master document.

To "assemble" the master document, click the Expand Subdocuments button.

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