Create a linked object with the Paste Special command - 30 Oct 2007

A powerful way to integrate applications is to link an object into another document.

  1. Copy the portion of the source that you wish to link.
    When linking an Excel range, name the range -- then if the range grows or shrinks with inserted or deleted rows, so will the linked region.
  2. Select the location in the destination where the source should appear.
  3. Choose Edit → Paste Special.
  4. Select Paste Link option.
  5. Select to paste as a xyz Object, where xyz refers to the type of object you are linking. For example, if you had selected a portion of an Excel worksheet in step 1, you would choose Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object.
    You will often have a choice of how to place the source content into the destination document. In such cases, experiment with the options available to you, but you will generally get the best results by selecting an option that says Object (e.g. Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object).
  6. Click OK.

The result is an object that is linked to the original, so that if the original changes, the target will show the changes.

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