Create an envelope

To create an envelope:

  • Choose Tools → Letters and Mailings ? Envelopes and Labels.

The Envelopes and Labels dialog box will help you generate the envelope.

Envelopes and Labels dialog box - Envelopes tab


There are several address sections in this dialog box. You can enter addresses in the Delivery address or Return address sections by doing one of the following:

  • Pre-populate the address. If you have created a letter with the recipient's address at the top of the letter, Word will automatically detect the address and put it in the Delivery Address section. If Word does not correctly detect the address that you have already entered in the document, just select the address first, then choose the Tools ? Letters and Mailings ? Envelopes and Labels command. The selected address will be placed in the Delivery Address section.
  • Second, you can click the Insert Address button next to either address section. This button will allow you to search for contacts in Outlook.
  • Third, you can type the address directly into an address section.
  • Fourth, you can select a recently-used address by clicking the drop-down arrow on the Insert Address button.

The Options button allows you to specify an envelope size, its orientation in the printer, and the font and position of the address. You can also add bar codes to facilitate delivery.

Envelope Options dialog box

Once you have configured the envelope, do one of the following:

  • Click Print to print the envelope.
  • Click Add to Document, which creates a new section in your document to contain the envelope. Because the document includes the envelope, the envelope can be saved with the document and printed at an appropriate time.
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