Continuing or restarting outline numbered lists

Sometimes, a list will not be continuous--there will be non-numbered paragraphs that break up the entries in the list. When you are ready to begin numbering again:

  1. Click the Numbering button. Numbering button

    The list will be restarted, beginning at the first item in the first level. An AutoCorrect Options button appears next to the new item in the list.

  2. Click the AutoCorrect Options button.

    AutoCorrect Options - Continue Numbering

  3. Choose Continue Numbering.

    If Word continues a list, and you wish to restart it at 1, click the AutoCorrect Options button that appears and choose Restart Numbering.

The same options, to Continue previous list or Restart numbering, are available by choosing the Bullets and Numbering command from the Format menu or the popup menu.

Bullets and Numbering dialog box - Outline Numbered tab


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