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Commercial Web Add-ons

Commercial Web Add-ons

PL Web As the number of Web sites increases, so does the content. PL Web offers advanced searching capabilities: natural-language querying, heuristic-based relevance ranking, dynamic concept discovery, and distributed searching, which lets you search across various Web sites, local or remote. PL Web also lets you index documents on a remote server not running the package. The documents remain at the remote site and come up as items with a Universal Resource Link (URL) to the remote document.

PL Web also offers improved access control. Basic access is controlled at the server by username/ password. Access to different databases is limited. PL Web can customize prices per database, per document, or per character total.

Searching is PL Web's strong suit. Natural-language querying, interactive advisors, and multiple language support make it a formidable search engine. PL Web also supports concept searching (i.e., dynamically finding conceptually related words).

Concept searching lets you minimize the number of hits required to find the information you need. It lets you find related documents that may not contain the actual words you used in your search. An algorithm that infers pragmatic relationships between words makes the connections. There is no preprocessing, and no special indexing is required.

PL Web offers three types of querying advisors: Relate, Dictionary, and Fuzzy. All display a list of words related to the query criteria, which you can use point and click to build. You can also use query by example (QBE), field searching, and numeric-range searching.

PL Web is designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can handle multiterabyte databases and understands many popular file formats. Its ability to be updated and searched simultaneously and its two-phase commit (2PC) transaction control ensure data integrity.

Personal Library Software is working on a master index for the entire Web to enable you to make natural-language queries without specifying the database to search.

Webtrader If you want to sell things on the Internet, you'll need a way to track your progress. Webtrader interfaces with the Internet. Data from the Web form is fed automatically into SBT's Pro Series 3.01 accounting system. SBT offers sample Sales Order, Inquiry Leads, and customer survey forms to aid in your setup.

Webtrader has excellent technical support and Internet consulting. For a fee, SBT will help you choose your Internet Access Provider and Web software and even set up your home page!

Topic Web Searcher Topic Web Searcher brings agent-based search and retrieval to the Web. Agents can search and retrieve documents in a variety of formats via a low overhead gateway. You can keep the documents in their original format without converting them to HTML. Currently, Topic Web Searcher supports 50 word-processing formats and Adobe Acrobat.

If you store documents in Lotus Notes or Acrobat, you can index and serve them on the Web without modification. Topic Web Searcher includes tools that understand the native format of these documents.

The search engine is first-rate. Agents offer real-time concept-based searching that delivers personalized information from heterogeneous networks to your clients. The agents can be defined on the fly or stored as hypertext links in documents. You can choose ordinary text or Verity's simple query language. The administrator can embed the subject knowledge needed to improve retrieval accuracy. A distributed model enables your customers to search an index locally or across the Internet.

Topic Web Searcher currently only works with O'Reilly's WebSite.

Survey Said for the Web If you plan to conduct surveys on your Web site, you may need Survey Said for the Web. It's an extension to Marketing Masters' Survey Said, a complete survey management and analysis system. Survey Said for the Web prompts you for the questions to ask and then generates the HTML survey form for your Web site. The data gathered can be imported into Survey Said for a variety of analyses.

Survey Said for the Web can analyze your data in every way you can think of. It supports analysis by frequency, banner, crosstab, verbatim, and ranking. Question generation is a snap. You can ask multiple choice, numeric-rating scale, slide-bar relative impression, ranking, constant sum, multiple text field, variable-length open-ended field, and verbatim questions. The results of your surveys can be output to paper or the screen and can be charted in one of 20 graph styles.

If you plan to perform surveys, at least look at the demo at http://survey.said.ostec. Survey Said for the Web makes extracting useful business information from your Web site a reality.

PL Web 2.0
Contact: Personal Library Software Inc.
Phone: 301-990-1155
Fax: 301-963-9738
Internet: [email protected]

Webtrader 1.0
Contact: SBT Accounting Systems
Phone: 415-444-9900
Fax: 415-444-9901
Internet: [email protected]

Topic Web Searcher 1.1 Contact: Verity Inc.
Phone: 415-960-7600
Internet: [email protected]

Survey Said for the Web Contact: Marketing Masters
Phone: 414-788-1675
Internet: [email protected]

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