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Choosing a Training Center

Before you register for a class at a training center, you need to ask training center officials what you can expect to get for your money. If a training center is unable or unwilling to answer your questions satisfactorily, you need to consider looking elsewhere for training.

To determine whether a training center meets your needs, you might want to ask the following questions:

  • How much experience does the instructor have with the product, and how long has the instructor been teaching courses on the product? (If the training center uses a contractor to teach the class and hasn't yet hired the instructor who will teach your course, the center might not be able to answer these questions immediately. However, you can ask the training center to give you this information when the instructor is hired, and you can reserve the right to cancel your enrollment without penalty if the instructor isn't sufficiently experienced.)
  • How long has the training center been in business, and how many students have passed through its courses?
  • What's the exam success rate of the training center's students?
  • Can the training center supply a list of references (i.e., former students who can discuss the quality of instruction) for its services?
  • What third-party curriculum does the training center use, and why does it use the third-party curriculum?
  • What type of computer hardware does the training center use?
  • What is the ratio of students to computers?
  • How many students will be in the class?
  • How many of the training center's students return for additional training?
  • What kind of satisfaction guarantee does the training center provide?
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