Choose the right colors - 30 Oct 2007

When you select a color for a line, fill, font, gradient, pattern, or other color, a color palette appears.

Color Palette

All color palettes share some common characteristics. The first row of colors are the slide's color scheme colors. There will be a More Colors option to allow you to select from a virtually unlimited range of colors. Once you have selected a custom color, the color will appear in the row of custom colors immediately beneath the color scheme colors. The custom color row will display the last eight custom colors used, so that it is easier for you to locate and apply recently used colors.

When applying colors, be aware that the first row of colors are linked colors that are derived from the slide’s color scheme… they will change if the slide’s color scheme is changed.

The second row of colors are custom colors that will not change.

Use "first row" (scheme) colors for slide content and "second row" (custom) colors when you want specific colors based on the type of object (e.g. sun=yellow, moon=white, logo colors)

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