Centico Photo Album 1.0 Keeps Photos Safe

Centico announced the release of Centico Photo Album 1.0, a new digital-photo-management application. The product uses a backup mechanism called Time Warp Backup, which backs up editing changes (such as cropping and sharpening) independently from the photos themselves. In case of data loss, the photos can be restored, along with all the editing changes that have been made to them, even if those changes occurred after the backup. This functionality makes it much easier to back up photos than with regular backup software, because the user must back up the photos only once in their lifetime, instead of backing up repeatedly whenever the photos are edited.

Centico Photo Album is also a full-featured digital-photo manager that lets you organize photos in albums, fix them with tools such as Crop and Sharpen, add tags, add descriptions to photos, find photos by text or tags, print or email photos, and view slideshows. Centico Photo Album keeps track of all editing changes made to a photo and lets you undo them at any time.

A unique feature of Centico Photo Album is the ability to insert Album Notes directly inside albums. Album Notes are short paragraphs that you can insert between photos. You can use them to describe groups of photos, create a travelogue, or relate an anecdote about the photos.

Each album in Centico Photo Album has an attached Shoebox, in which you can place photos that shouldn't appear in the album—for example, because they're duplicates or too dark. The Shoebox mimics the way you've long organized printed photos: The best photos went into the album, and the lesser photos were saved in an envelope or shoebox in the attic.

Centico Photo Album is available for purchase for $49.95. Check out the company Web site for more information.

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