Can I undelete a file in NT?

A. It depends on the file system. NT has no undelete facility, however if the filesystem was FAT then boot into DOS and then use the dos undelete utility. With the NT Resource kit there is a utility called DiskProbe which allows a user to view the data on a disk, which could then be copied to another file. It is possible to search sectors for data using DiskProbe.

If the files are deleted on an NTFS partition booting using a DOS disk and using the undelete.exe program is not possible since DOS cannot read NTFS partitions. NTFS does not perform destructive deletes which means the actual data is left intact on the disk (until another file is written in its place) and so a new application from Executive Software, Network Undelete can be used to undelete files from NTFS partitions. A free 30-day version can be downloaded from

Executive Software also have a free utility Emergency Undelete which can undelete locally deleted files,

It is important that once any file is delete all activity on the machine is stopped to reduce the possibility of other files overwriting the data that wants to be recovered.

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