Calculated fields

To insert a calculated field:

  1. Configure the bookmark name of each field that will be used in the calculation.

    Right-click a field and choose Properties to configure its Bookmark (name). Each form field has a default bookmark. It is recommended that you replace the default bookmark with a name that is more descriptive and memorable. Do not use spaces in the bookmark.

  2. Position the insertion point where you want the calculated field to appear.
  3. Insert a Text Form Field.
  4. Right-click the field and choose Properties.

    or select the field and click the Form Field Options button.

    Text Form Field Options

  5. In the Type drop-down list, select Calculation.
  6. Enter the calculation in the Expression box. The calculation must start with an equals sign. It can then include mathematical operators (e.g. +, -, *, /) and bookmarks.
  7. Optionally, select a Number format.
  8. Configure a memorable Bookmark for the calculated field.
  9. Click OK.
Remember, you must click Protect Form and save the form as a template. To use the form, choose File → New and launch a new document based on the template.

When entering data in the form, the calculated field will not update automatically. You must update it by selecting the field and pressing F9, or right-clicking the field and choosing Update Field.

To configure the field to update without user intervention, you must configure another field to Calculate on exit. For example, if you are calculating a commission, you might configure the price field to calculate on exit, so that when a user enters the price and presses Tab to exit the price field, the commission is calculated.

To configure a field to calculate on exit:

  1. Right-click the field and choose Properties.
  2. Select Calculate on exit.
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