BeyondTrust Goes Heterogeneous Over Heels for UNIX

BeyondTrust, acquired last year by Symark, this week announced the PowerBroker suite, a heterogeneous Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution. It also announced PowerBroker Express—which runs over the SSH network protocol and in addition to UNIX servers, can manage anyone who accesses Windows and network devices via SSH. PowerBroker Express is aimed at non-mission-critical servers, where it’s less cost-effective to deploy a full PowerBroker solution, and  provides an agent-less approach that focuses on logging activity.

All of BeyondTrust's products are now part of the PowerBroker suite, which includes new features for tighter integration, easier migration, and improved centralized management of administrative privileges across the enterprise. The PowerBroker suite manages and controls administrative privileges for desktops, servers, devices, applications and virtualized environments running on Windows, UNIX/Linux, Max OS X and more. It includes the following:

    * PowerBroker Management Console (formerly known as PowerSeries Management Console)

    * PowerBroker for Servers Unix/Linux Edition (formerly the PowerBroker product)

    * PowerBroker for Desktops (formerly Privilege Manager)

    * PowerBroker for Virtualization

    * PowerBroker Express (announced today)

    * PowerBroker Password Safe (formerly PowerKeeper)

    * PowerBroker Directory Integrator (formerly PowerADvantage)

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