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Best of TechEd Finalist: Citrix NetScaler with TriScale Is All About Optimization

At Microsoft TechEd, I spoke with Greg Smith of Citrix’s Cloud Networking Group about his company’s revolutionary NetScaler product, which has been energized with a new TriScale feature, enabling a new level of scale-up/scale-in/scale-out functionality.

Bringing elasticity, expandability, and simplicity to public cloud services, NetScaler optimizes, secures, and controls the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services. The solution, which is available as a network appliance or virtual appliance, sits directly in front of your web server, database server, or enterprise apps to bring you high-speed load-balancing and content switching, data compression content caching, SSL acceleration, application flow visibility, and a powerful application firewall in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Citrix’s Cloud Networking Group is excited about NetScaler with TriScale

With NetScaler, you can build enterprise cloud networks that ensure the best performance and availability for all applications, scale performance and capacity, empower control and confidence with full application security and visibility, and achieve infinite flexibility with built-in cloud connectivity.

The addition of Citrix TriScale technology lets you “scale up” elasticity with 5x faster performance on-demand using NetScaler Pay-As-You-Grow, “scale in” for greater simplification by consolidating up to 40 appliances into a multi-tenant NetScaler platform, and “scale out” for expanded capacity with Citrix TriScale clustering.

NetScaler MPX appliances are hardened network appliances that offer up to 50Gbps performance; NetScaler SDX is a high-density consolidation platform combining Xen-based virtualization and NetScaler’s advanced MPX architecture to run up to 40 NetScaler policies simultaneously without sacrificing performance or security; and NetScaler VPX virtual appliances run as virtual machines (VMs) on popular hypervisors, allowing NetScaler to be provisioned on demand using inexpensive, industry-standard servers.
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