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Best of TechEd 2013 Finalist: Dell Dazzles with Its S2340T Multitouch Monitor

Best of TechEd 2013 Finalist: Dell Dazzles with Its S2340T Multitouch Monitor

I spent a lively half hour talking with Dell’s John Russell about his company’s excellent S2340T touchscreen monitor, which is a finalist for Best of TechEd 2013. This is a large, beautiful display that shows off Microsoft’s touch-friendly Windows 8 to full advantage. Supporting full 1920x1080 HD resolution and 10-point multi-touch sensitivity, the S2340T sports a gorgeous edge-to-edge design that’s in tune with today’s tablet sensibility. In fact, the flexibility of this display lets you use it very much like a huge tablet.

Using the display this way at once reminds you of the original Microsoft Surface—that huge touch-based curiosity—and speaks of the changing needs of the market. Russell and I chatted about how users are responding to desktop monitors in the age of touch, and he maintained that one of the S2340T’s strengths is its flexibility. “Reaching out to an upright monitor is bad for your shoulders,” he said. “It’s uncomfortable. Users need this flexibility because it’s the type of interaction they’re used to on their tablets.” Indeed, the maneuverable hinge lets you set the display at just about any angle you want. Content viewing and sharing is made easy with an ultra-wide 178°/178° viewing angle, offering color uniformity from virtually any angle.

At its base, you’ll find a wide array of input ports, including three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, and even an Ethernet jack.

The S2340T is emblematic of the new touch paradigm in business computing—a dynamic, gorgeous piece of equipment that brings style and personality and new levels of usability to the computing experience.

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