Word has an additional and extremely powerful tool to make your productivity skyrocket: AutoText. AutoText replaces abbreviations with other content when you type an abbreviation and press F3.

To create an AutoText entry:

  1. Type your text.
  2. Select your text.
  3. Press ALT+F3
  4. Type a short, easy-to-remember code or abbreviation and press ENTER.
    Unlike AutoCorrect, AutoText will not expand automatically--you will press F3 or Enter to expand the short text to its full content. Because you will choose whether or not to expand an abbreviation, you can use a real word or abbreviation as the basis for your AutoText entry.

To use an AutoText entry:

  1. Type the code or abbreviation.
  2. Press F3

AutoComplete will work with AutoText

Frequently, AutoComplete will recognize an AutoText abbreviation. So as you type the abbreviation, an AutoComplete tip will appear. At that time, you can press Enter to AutoComplete your AutoText.

To manage AutoText, choose Insert → AutoText ? AutoText, or choose Tools ? AutoCorrect Options and click the AutoText tab. The dialog box will allow you to exercise full control over your AutoText.

AutoCorrect dialog box AutoText tab



  • To replace an AutoText entry, click Delete to delete the original entry and re-create it.
  • The Show AutoComplete suggestions option allows AutoComplete to help you complete your AutoText entries.
  • AutoText can store just about anything: a phrase, a paragraph, a block of text, a picture, a table... you name it! It's the best place to store regularly-used content.
  • AutoText is not available in other Office applications.
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