The AutoFit feature is designed to allow you to enter more text than a placeholder can actually contain. When you type too much text into a title or text placeholder, AutoFit adjusts the font size and line spacing of the text so that the text can fit within the placeholder.

As soon as you enter too much text for a placeholder, AutoFit makes its adjustments and the AutoFit Options button appears. Click the button to see a menu of choices for how to deal with your text overflow situation.

AutoFit Options button

The problem with the AutoFit feature is that it results in different font sizes and line spacing on different slides. And because it happens automatically, the changes are easy to miss.

We recommend that you disable the AutoFit features.

To disable AutoFit:

  1. Choose Tools → AutoCorrect Options.


    Choose Control AutoCorrect Options from the AutoFit Options button's drop-down menu.

  2. Click the AutoFormat as you Type tab.

    AutoCorrect dialog box - AutoFormat As You Type tab

  3. Deselect the two AutoFit checkboxes: AutoFit title text to placeholder and AutoFit body text to placeholder.
  4. Click OK.
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