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Are European IT managers complacent?

Recently the company Websense contacted 500 European IT managers and interviewed them as a part of their "Stress in Security" survey. According to reports, 58% of respondents said that their networks were protected against fewer than three of the seven most common Web threats as identified by the survey.

After reading this I wondered how do European IT managers compare to the rest of the world? Are IT managers in North America and Asia any more proactive and diligent? I can not imagine any reason why they would be. In most of the IT jobs I have held, managers have left the security tasks to the network administrators. In some cases it may be that these networks are protected against these most common web threats because the network administrators became aware of these issues and dealt with them without necessarily bumping the day to day trivialities up to their boss. Depending on how the survey was conducted, some managers may not have been able to check with their staff as to whether or not a hole had been plugged.

Finally, it does seem a bit odd that a manager would be willing to tell a stranger doing a survey exactly what vulnerabilities existed on their network!

"Hello, yes, I'm the IT manager. A survey? Sure! Our firewall? You could drive a lorry through it!"

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