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Another Way to Add URLs to IE 7.0's Favorites Tree

In "Easily Add URLs to Internet Explorer 7.0's Favorites Tree", I provided an alternative to using the Add to Favorites feature to add URLs to a large Favorites tree in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0. I recently found another undocumented way to do this:

  1. In IE 7.0's address bar, click the URL icon that's immediately to the left of the URL.
  2. With the mouse button still held down, press F10 to bring up IE 7.0's menu bar, which Figure 1 shows. (Pressing F10 seems to be an undocumented way to bring up the menu bar.)

    Figure 1: Bringing up IE 7.0's menu bar

    Drag the icon on top of the word Favorites in the menu bar. The URL icon will change into a circle with a line through it (i.e., the universal symbol for "no").
  3. With the mouse button still depressed, wait a second or two. The Favorites menu will drop down and you can drag the URL icon to the folder of your choice.

Note that this new method works for IE 8.0. You just need to press Alt+C instead of F10 in step 2.

Just for the record, I don't sit around all day trying to cook this stuff up. I usually make some kind of keying mistake, see the result, then backtrack to figure out what I just did that worked.

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