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Alienware Introduces Next-Generation DHS Media Center Systems

Alienware recently launched its DHS 5-Series of media center systems, which introduce the company's DISCover console technology and use Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 to deliver an all-inclusive home entertainment solution.

Debuting exclusively in DHS 5-Series systems, the DISCover console technology lets you simply insert a PC game into your system, then sit back as the system automatically installs, optimizes, and runs the game. The next time you insert the game CD into the DHS, it will automatically start playing within seconds. The Alienware DHS 5-Series lets you enjoy a traditional video game console's ease of use as well as a high-performance PC's outstanding graphics quality.

The DHS 5-Series provides entertainment enhancements such as the ability to share DHS content with other TVs in the home through a Windows Media Center Extender and the capacity to add an additional TV tuner. With more than one tuner, you can record two TV shows at the same time or watch one show while recording another, giving you more flexible access to TV programming than ever before. With Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, consumers get the best version of Windows for the home, offering the capabilities of a Windows XP-based PC with new capabilities involving music, digital photography, movies, and television.

Alienware DHS 5-Series systems deliver other exciting features, such as ATI RADEON X800 Pro 256 graphics, the ability to upgrade to HDTV, and the freedom to record and store up to 5000 CDs and 235 hours of video. Hard disks are configurable up to 600GB using RAID 1 real-time backup technology and up to 1TB using Raid 0 spanning technology.

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