Adding Automatic Formatting Rules

Q:I'm trying to use colors to organize my Inbox, but I'm getting the message You cannot add another color rule because you have exceeded the maximum number of rules for this folder. I have about 30 rules. Is there a way to add more?

Rule in this case refers to an automatic formatting rule, which changes the appearance of an Outlook item in a table, card, or timeline view when the item meets certain conditions. A good example is the built-in rule that makes a message with a message flag appear red when the due date for the message flag has passed. The Organize feature lets you use information from an existing message to easily create a formatting rule. (Select a message and click Organize--Tools, Organize, in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003--to see rule suggestions based on the selected message.) You can also create automatic formatting rules by using the View, (Arrange By, in Outlook 2003), Current View, Customize Current View, Automatic Formatting dialog box.

However, there is a limit to the number of rules--and 30 is it. After you've created 30 rules, the Add button in the Automatic Formatting dialog is disabled and you can't add another rule until you delete an existing one.

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