About printing in black and white

While you create presentations in color, you might want to print handouts in black and white or, more accurately, shades of gray (grayscale).

PowerPoint 2003 supports three modes for printing: color, grayscale, and pure black and white. Each mode results in object being printed slightly differently:

Object Grayscale Pure Black and White
Text Black Black
Text shadows Grayscale Hidden
Embossing Grayscale Hidden
Fills Grayscale White
Frame Black Black
Pattern fills Grayscale White
Lines Black Black
Object shadows Grayscale Black
Charts Grayscale Grayscale
Bitmaps Grayscale Grayscale
Clip art Grayscale Grayscale
Slide background White White

When you print to a black and white laser printer, PowerPoint allows you to choose to print in color. This results in all objects (including the slide background) printing in grayscale.

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