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500 Worst Passwords Poster

Here’s a poster you might give to your favorite school’s computer teacher, your hard-to-buy-for IT manager, or your favorite least favorite Help desk technician.Then again, given the nature of some of the passwords on this list, you might not.


The artist says, “I came across a list of the 500 worst passwords according to Mark Burnett (author of Perfect Password Selection and Protection), so I decided to draw them and then screenprint a limited edition print.” The print is $30 and available from kateconsumption's Etsy shop.

And here's some serious password stuff:
Service Accounts Can Be Secure Yet Have Non-Expiring Passwords, by Kevin Willenborg

Buyer's Guide: Two-Factor Authentication, by Lavon Peters

Three SharePoint 2010 Security Pitfalls, by Randy Franklin Smith

Q. How do I stop tools like Kon-Boot? by John Savill

Advanced Active Directory Security: Enumerate accounts protected by AdminSDHolder and fix resulting ACL problems, by Russell Smith

Password Defense: Using password security policies to strengthen security, by Kathy Ivens

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