10 Keys to MCSE Boot Camp Success

Attending an MCSE boot camp is stressful. To succeed mentally and physically, follow these 10 suggestions:

  1. Have a positive attitude: Forget about the failure rate, and think green instead.
  2. Put in extra study time after class.
  3. Absorb every tip and shortcut your instructors give you. You'll need these pointers and memory aids to get through the exams without rushing. Most examinees fail because they don't know how to take exams efficiently, not because they don't know the material.
  4. Try to take the exams in the following order: Windows NT Workstation, NT Server, NT Server in the Enterprise, TCP/IP, Networking Essentials, and Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0. The information builds from one class and exam to the next. Thus, taking the exams in this order is the most efficient method.
  5. Read each exam question three times before you answer it. Many questions try to trick hasty examinees.
  6. Celebrate the tests you pass, and don't dwell on the ones you fail. If you fail a test, review the score sheet. Then, focus on your weak areas, and continue to study your strong areas.
  7. Adjust to the new time zone at least a week ahead of time if you're attending a boot camp in a different time zone from where you live. Otherwise, you might suffer from jet lag and not be able to follow the course's schedule.
  8. Insist on a no-contact commitment before you leave for boot camp. You need to focus on completing the classes and passing the exams. Constant interruptions from your office or family make this task difficult.
  9. Eat healthy foods, and drink a lot of water. You'll feel better and have a clearer mind if you opt for a salad rather than a greasy hamburger.
  10. Take a multivitamin during boot camp, even if you don't do so regularly. You'll need all the extra brainpower you can muster.
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