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ComponentArt Debuts Data Visualization for Windows Phone 7

ComponentArt, a vendor of development tools and business intelligence solutions, has released Data Visualization for Windows Phone 7—an early entry into the Windows Phone 7 development tools market—a toolkit for building mobile digital dashboards targeting Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile OS.

The controls in Data Visualization for Windows Phone 7 are built on the same code base as ComponentArt's Data Visualization for Silverlight product line, which enables ComponentArt to add new features to both platforms simultaneously and supports customer code reuse between desktop and mobile applications. ComponentArt ported its Charting, Gauges, Maps, GridView, and TimeNavigator Silverlight controls to Windows Phone 7, optimizing each control for smaller screens and mobile CPUs, including fine-tuned interactivity, support for pinch and flick gestures, customized skins and minified Map shape files. ComponentArt’s TimeNavigator control, which enables quick and intuitive date-range selections, has been re-engineered specifically for touch screens.

"We are thrilled to offer such an extensive data visualization package for Windows Phone 7," said Miljan Braticevic, ComponentArt's president and CEO. "This is a major milestone in our mission to deliver a new breed of highly interactive mobile dashboards."

Developers can find detailed product information and download Data Visualization for Windows Phone 7 from ComponentArt’s website. The free Data Visualization demo app is also immediately accessible by anyone who owns a Windows Phone 7 by simply typing "ComponentArt" in the App Marketplace search box. Pricing for the Windows Phone 7 controls, which are a part of Data Visualization for Silverlight Enterprise Edition, starts at $2,999.

ComponentArt TimeNavigator control for Windows Phone 7
ComponentArt TimeNavigator control for Windows Phone 7

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