Removed OneDrive for Business Update Replaced by KB2889931 Today

Removed OneDrive for Business Update Replaced by KB2889931 Today

You might remember that when Microsoft released its September 2014 updates, a patch for OneDrive for Business was removed the day after due to issues that it introduced. Catch up HERE, if you want.

Today, Microsoft has rereleased a fixed patch for OneDrive for Business. Well, sort of. Instead of just a standard rerelease, the company’s patching team has removed the original and replaced it with KB2889931.

The original issue that the update intended to fix was a synching problem. But, good intentions are just that sometimes. The original, listed as KB2889866, actually caused the same problems it was supposed to fix.

Funny enough, when you drop out to the original KB2889866 article, the page title has been updated, but much of the article text is teh same, and it still shows KB2889866 as the proposed download.

However, when you actually click to download the update, the file offered is actually the new one:


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