OneDrive for Android Now Separates Your Personal and Professional Life

OneDrive for Android Now Separates Your Personal and Professional Life

And never the twain shall meet.

Microsoft has been on a tear lately, providing some really great additional functionality for its apps on the Android platform. If you've been watching, iOS and Android tend to get the love first these days. Microsoft seems to be treating Windows Phone exactly like the rest of the market does. But, it makes good business sense to hit the most popular platforms first.

Today, Microsoft is rolling out a unique new feature for OneDrive for Android that separates your work life from your private life by building out two distinct sides in the same app. Many individuals utilize OneDrive for their personal files that they share with family and friends, but at the same time are also required to access OneDrive Business, owned, monitored, and managed by the company they work for.

To do this, Microsoft has developed a way to store both sets of credentials and make it very evident which set of files you are accessing at any given time.

Also, to bolster security a bit, the Microsoft OneDrive team has added PIN functionality, allowing users to protect the OneDrive app using a 4 digit code. Unless you know the code, the app won't open. Anyone remember the BOSCO Seinfeld episode?

The same functionality is said to be coming to iOS and Windows Phone in the coming months.

OneDrive is available from the Google Play store: OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

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