Offiical LinkedIn App for Windows 10 Released Microsoft and LinkedIn

Offiical LinkedIn App for Windows 10 Released

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for more than $26 billion dollars last year and has slowly been working on integrating the professional social media network into its products and services.

In fact, last week during Microsoft Inspire we saw some of this integration with Dynamics 365 demos during the Vision Keynotes.

Today Hermes Alvarez, the LinkedIn Program Manager, announced via the official Windows and LinkedIn blogs that the a new Windows 10 app is starting to roll out to users via the Windows Store.

"We are starting to roll out the LinkedIn app for Windows 10 today and you will be able to download it in the Windows Store. If you’re not yet able to download the app, you will soon, as it will be available to Windows 10 users in all LinkedIn markets by the end of July."

Although the app is not yet showing up in the Windows Store, a couple of images are provided in the announcement blog post on LinkedIn's site so we can get an idea about the app and its features.

LinkedIn Windows Store App for Windows 10

Image via LinkedIn and Microsoft

This would be the main app view which duplicates what you see when logged into the LinkedIn website through a browser however, what is not known is if this is just a display of the webpage in the frame or pulling the data from the LinkedIn database and creating the view dynamically. Yes, basically a web app and the same type of experiences but they do expand and take advantage of some Windows 10 related features as shown below.

Official LinkedIn App for Windows 10

Image via LinkedIn and Microsoft

Here you can see a Live Tile and notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center for the LinkedIn app. By adding the additional dynamic elements that are familiar to many Windows 10 users, they are delivering more functionality that what users get by visiting the website.

Also, if you are concerned about notification overload, don't forget you can go into Windows Settings>Notifications & actions and control what alerts you see from the app.

LinkedIn is already a very notification/email intense service so you will definitely want to adjust your in app and LinkedIn notifications to get all of that under control.


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