New Year, New Directions on SharePoint Pro

New Year, New Directions on SharePoint Pro

Share your ideas for making SharePoint Pro even better in 2015. Find out how you can contribute too. 

New year, new ideas, new voices, new directions on SharePoint Pro.

Like you, we're changing to keep up with the profound transformation underway in the information technology industry.  This year we'll continue to provide comprehensive coverage of SharePoint news, commentary, and expert how-to content. 

You'll also see some new features and voices, including Debra Donston-Miller's. A seasoned tech journalist and editor since 1990, Donston-Miller has served in several leadership positions for media organizations including Director of Audience Recruitment and Development, Editor of eWEEK and Executive Editor of eWEEK Labs at Ziff Davis Enterprise. She's contributing to the site, working with expert contributors and recruiting people like you for the Idea Xchange to build community.

We’d also like to hear from you with fresh ideas for expanding our coverage and community reach, leveraging your expertise, new features, events and online learning. What are the big problems and challenges you're facing every day in your jobs that we can help you solve? 

What would you like to see us cover and do on SharePoint Pro that we aren’t doing today? There are lots of ways to contribute to making SharePoint Pro even better. Participate in the conversations around the big topics of the day. Share your stories about how you use the SharePoint platform to engage with people, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work together. Interested in teaching an online learning class ? Let us know. Email me at [email protected] or Debra at [email protected] 

Marcia Parker, Executive Director, Penton Technology


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