Microsoft Previews OneDrive for Business for Mac and iOS

Microsoft Previews OneDrive for Business for Mac and iOS

The last couple days have been filled with announcements from Microsoft about software that is designed to run on non-Windows platforms. This is uniquely interesting just because the company spent a good portion of the last couple weeks touting the virtues of what Windows 10 will bring to the table. Ah, but such is Microsoft these days. Despite working towards a late summer goal for Windows 10, the company realizes it has to play to the monumental shift that caught the company snoozing the last couple years.

Today, the most popular mobile devices are from Apple and vendors with Android-infused devices. To compete, Microsoft has to reach customers where they live, and that means providing solutions for other platforms.

Earlier today, SuperSite's Richard Hay talked about Microsoft releasing a new version of Outlook (Microsoft's email client) for iOS and Android. I've seen reports from folks that have used it already and some are touting it as the best email client ever for iOS and Android-based devices. That's pretty strong praise for a company that was so hard-nosed about a closed ecosystem just a short while ago. Evidently, Microsoft is doing something right.

On the heels of Outlook announcement, Microsoft has also made available a brand new option for businesses with Mac and iOS users, allowing them to take direct advantage of Microsoft's Cloud-based services. Delivered in preview on Wednesday, Mac and iOS users can now take full advantage of OneDrive for Business.  An app for iOS is now available in iTunes and for Macs, an installable client is available the Office 365 My Site Documents library can be synched to the computer.

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