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Make Remote Working Work for the Enterprise Thampapon/iStock/Thinkstock

Make Remote Working Work for the Enterprise

Imagine if an outside management consultant came into an enterprise and said,“I have a surefire technique for boosting worker productivity by 13%, reducing staff turnover by 50%, and making about $2,000 more in profit per employee.” Upper management would jump all over it. Reducing overhead and boosting the company’s bottom line? That’s annual bonus-worthy management win material right there.

That surefire technique exists. It’s telecommuting, increasingly known as remote working.

However, remote work presents new challenges for IT professionals. A geo- graphically distributed workforce changes how new technologies are introduced into the workplace and how IT departments support workers. And as remote working becomes part of an enterprise’s cost-trim- ming, profit-boosting efforts, IT will be under pressure to ensure they’ve selected the right remote-working tools for the job.

This report will cover the following:

  • The specific security challenges of a remote workforce
  • What to be aware of if or when remote workers are using their own devices to do company work
  • Tools and habits that set up a remote workforce for success
  • The best tools for remote collaboration
  •  How to help remote workers troubleshoot their tech setups