KB2889866 Recommendation: Uninstall for Now

KB2889866 Recommendation: Uninstall for Now

Not a security update, KB2889866 is an optional patch. Microsoft has a habit of delivering fixes and features alongside security updates on Patch Tuesday, even though they’ve promised to delay feature delivery until another Tuesday during the month.

As you know, Microsoft has regularly had to pull updates due to problems. Installing updates as soon as they are released has become something of a gamble. Most companies wait a couple weeks, at least, and some wait even longer. With the rash of quality problems in Microsoft’s releases, you’ve even told us that you have started changing your patching policies due to the growing problem.

We have a polled lined up (you can still participate HERE) and the result so far show that a little over 60% of respondents have altered their patching policies due to the perception that Microsoft can’t seem to release trustworthy updates. For security patches, this is very concerning, leaving companies open to known attacks, longer.

This month, an update to fix OneDrive for Business was released on Tuesday, and then subsequently, and quickly, removed from the update catalog. At the time, the reason for the removal was unknown, and Microsoft has still provided very little information.

Between the time KB2889866 released and was pulled, customers were still able to receive and install the update, leaving them with a couple issues using OneDrive for Business. The issues are specific, so those with the update still installed, may not experience them right away. Microsoft has yet to publicize the exact issues, but I’ve heard from sources it involves synching, which was what the update was intended to fix.

The company has not stated so, but you may want to consider removing KB2889866 until the Microsoft’s patch development teams can release a better fix.

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