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Ignite 2017: Day Two News Wrap Up from Orlando

The second full day of Microsoft Ignite has come to a close and as the more than 25,000 attendees head towards networking events across Orlando we are here to bring you a run down of today's news.

On Day Two here at Ignite, there were no product keynotes however, the new features and enhancements to Microsoft products and services were announced in many of the side sessions from the various product teams.

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We have scoured through all of the news announcements to bring you the applicable links to add to your Ignite news reading lists:

-- OneDrive Announcements at Ignite 2017

-- Interview with Jeff Tepper, CVP Office, SharePoint, and OneDrive about today's announcements at Ignite 2017

-- The Next Perpetual Release of Office

-- Microsoft Ignite Enterprise Mobility and Security Highlights

-- Azure Networking announcements for Ignite 2017

-- Office 365 Admin News from Ignite 2017

-- The LTE Surface Pro will be available on December 1

As the week progresses the announcements relating to new features will slow down a lot and the sessions will be focused on looking at these enhancements in action.

The OneDrive news today is of great interest to many because it will be interesting to see if some of these features make their way to the consumer client. On top of that list is the new File Restore process so that a user can recover from corrupted or infected files to a clean version that was available in the last 30 days.

We will continue to keep an eye on things here in Orlando and bring you details of what we are hearing and seeing.


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