Lichen Miller at Ignite 2017 Microsoft

Ignite 2017: Day Three News Wrap Up from Orlando

As Day Three of Microsoft Ignite is wrapping up the steady pace of movement between venues to attend different sessions continues in earnest.

Now that there are three full days of Ignite in the books most of the news has landed and the sessions are focused on helping attendees understand the latest enhancement and features that have arrived in there favorite products and services.

Ignite 2017: Checking Out Microsoft Flow

Microsoft is also quickly adding more of the sessions from the last three days to the On Demand Sessions page that as of this writing has more than 300 sessions listed.

That is a great spot for those of you watching from home to start bookmarking the videos you want watch. You will also find the presenters slide deck on most of the video pages so you can download them for reference.

Here are some key items for you to take a look at from today at Microsoft Ignite:

-- Create your Azure free account today

-- Announcing new capabilities available in Office 365 Message Encryption

-- Audio Conferencing extended to Microsoft Team and pay-per-minute offering added for more options

-- Transform your large-scale meetings with Skype Meeting Broadcast

-- Microsoft's Surface Pro LTE: Everything you need to know

-- With new Microsoft breakthroughs, general purpose quantum computing moves closer to reality

I have mentioned Microsoft 365 several times this week as that naming seems ot be trending in a vast majority of the sessions this week. Tomorrow I will have an opportunity to do what Microsoft is calling a Customer Immersion Experience with Microsoft 365 in a 90 minute demo. So look for more on what Microsoft 365 entails when you approach it from a customer viewpoint.

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