Ignite 2017: Checking Out Microsoft Flow

Today I went to an introductory session about Microsoft Flow to check this new service out from Microsoft.

It is easy to describe Flow as an equivalent to the popular IFTTT and in many ways it is similar to that service. You pick a trigger, create a condition that will then take an action.

You can do also do those simple and straight forward things in Flow but where Microsoft takes it to the next level is the ability to tie into the companies various cloud services through Azure, Office 365, and any of their other products.

Microsoft Flow has a three tier subscription program that progressively unlocks more functionality for users. While the free tier will allow you to use most of the Connectors there are many premium Connectors that unlock at the paid levels.

This gallery will walk you through the Flow creation process for a simple process that looks for certain text that will then trigger an SMS message to alert you that a possible Slow or Fast Ring build released to Windows Insiders.

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