CES 2017: Reveal - Earth Friendly Tech Accessories


During CES 2017, another one of those companies that occupied a small booth out on the edges of the CES show floor was Reveal and I happened upon them during my meandering when their booth caught my eye.

The Founder and CEO, Terry Omata, told me that the company is focused on designing products so that they are using sustainable resources to minimize the impact of our tech accessories on the planet.

The unique aspect of this companies business is to sell, as they describe it, Earth friendly tech accessories and they work with that sustainability approach for their products in these areas:

  • Bamboo - Bamboo is the fastest growing, sustainable, woody plant in the world.
  • Cork - Durable and renewable, cork is harvested without damage to the tree.
  • Project Replant - For every Nature Tech item sold we plant a tree.
  • Recycled Fabrics - Our recycled satin, suede, and polyester are made from post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • Vegan Leather - Our products are 100% cruelty-free, no animal by-products are used.
  • Project Wildlife - The International Fund for Animal Welfare saves animals and their habitats.

The products themselves focus on cases/covers for iPhone 5/5s, 6+, 6/6s, SE, 7/7+; the iPad Pro, Air and Mini; and the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S7.

They also carry audio devices such as headphones, solar powered Bluetooth speakers, and foldable Bluetooth keyboards and bags made of recycled fabrics.

You can see many of those products and more in the gallery images included here.

Although the concept behind this companies approach to the environment may not be new to everyone, it certainly was to me, especially the idea of planting a tree for each product sold. I know many people who would appreciate that extra touch in a gift.


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