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Code Review Software: SmartBear Software Announces CodeCollaborator 7.0

SmartBear Software, a provider of software testing and application lifecycle management (ALM) tools for software developers, announced CodeCollaborator 7.0, the latest major release of the CodeCollaborator code review tool. In version 7.0, SmartBear has enhanced CodeCollaborator to make it more agile-development friendly, with features such as a streamlined user interface, flexible workflows, and tighter integration with several popular software development tools.

New features of CodeCollaborator 7.0 are focused on three areas: improving user interactions, workflow enhancements, and integration with widely used software development tools. To support user interactions, CodeCollaborator 7.0 features a new UI that simplifies navigation and improves productivity by streamlining the process of performing code reviews through instant access to all review information. Additionally, CodeCollaborator 7.0 includes enhancements that facilitate developer collaboration and interaction and improve support for distributed teams.

SmartBear Software CodeCollaborator 7.0 user interface
SmartBear Software CodeCollaborator 7.0 user interface

Workflow enhancements include the ability to reject a review and allow team members to provide feedback in a way that reinforces desired code review process and quality objectives as well as new custom-field options that let users align code reviews with products, versions, and specific sprints and releases to improve quality tracking.

Integration enhancements in CodeCollaborator 7.0 include a new SOAP API that enables integration with reporting, bug tracking, and other external applications; improved support for Perforce shelvesets and the Git open source distributed version control tool; and the addition of support for Subversion (SVN) 1.7 and the latest IBM ClearCase Remote Client. CodeCollaborator is integrated with 16 different version control systems, among them Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Visual Source Safe.

CodeCollaborator 7.0 is priced starting at $489, and a free 30-day trial version of CodeCollaborator 7.0 is available.

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