Yahoo'er David Pogue Uses a Split Personality to Blast the iPad and Promote the Surface Pro 3

Yahoo'er David Pogue Uses a Split Personality to Blast the iPad and Promote the Surface Pro 3

David Pogue is a highly recognizable figure for tech industry commentary. He spends most of his time romanticizing the consumer side of tech, so much his commentary has been lost on me. In January of this year Yahoo hired David as the VP of Editorial to attempt to invigorate the company's tech brands, giving him carte blanche to redesign and revamp the tech sites. Since then, not much else has been heard about the union, and definitely not much else has been heard about Yahoo Tech. I'm sure there are things going on in the background and that a total revamp can take many months just to envision direction alone. All it might take, though, is one piece of content to show that Yahoo Tech has life.

That one piece of content may have arrived. Using the now familiar Mac vs. PC commercial style, David splits the screen and splits into two different personalities to showcase the differences between an iPad and the new Surface Pro 3. On the iPad side, he portrays the iMasses as unkempt and seemingly unemployed, donning a T-shirt and jeans that need some severe ironing. On the Surface Pro 3 side, he's intelligent, well-dressed and well-pressed, sporting casual business attire. While the stereotypes may be close to being accurate, I'm sure there are those that will take offense. I mean, c'mon…Surface users like T-shirts, too.

It's all in good fun, but the comparisons really leave you wondering how Apple was ever able to sell the world on a vision that was so limiting. iOS was revolutionary and is probably the single reason why there's so much emphasis on tablets and smartphones these days (credit where credit is due, after all). But, as many have highlighted, Apple's days of innovation seem to be coming to a grinding halt as the rest of the industry has finally awoken and is leapfrogging Apple's vision at a wild pace.

At the video's core, David shows that Microsoft may finally be on to something monumental. It took them 3 tries, but Surface Pro 3 may finally be able to merge two markets, tablets and laptops, to enable both consumers and business-types to do everything they were promised in the first place.

Here's the video. Have fun. Does it make you want to own a Surface Pro 3?

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