WPC 2014 Opens with New Programs Designed for Partner Cloud Success

WPC 2014 Opens with New Programs Designed for Partner Cloud Success

For the kick-off of WPC 2014 today, keynote presenters pretty much followed the script I submitted last Friday. If you want to follow along, you could probably just print that article and use it as a listener's check-off during the week's timeline. But, that's just an overview and Microsoft has taken today's kick-off define specifics. There will be much more coming this week, so stay tuned.

Preparing the way for success in a Microsoft-designed Cloud, it's important that the company brings Partners on board and provides ways for them be successful selling and supporting the new world. As such, today, Microsoft has provided details for how Partners can get involved, learn, and help build a solid business around a Cloud-heavy practice.

Here's what was announced:

  • Cloud Solution Provider program: The Cloud Solution Provider Program assigns partners the responsibility to engage customers directly, but more importantly to manage all customer activities, including billing, provisioning, and support for Windows Intune, and Office 365 subscriptions, and eventually Azure.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in Open Licensing: Microsoft is making available Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to the Microsoft Open Licensing Programs, ensuring that distributors and resellers have the ability to add CRM into product offering sheets. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in Open Licensing will be available later this fiscal year.
  • Azure in Open Licensing: Microsoft Azure will be available via the Open Licensing program beginning on August 1, 2014. This will ensure that Partners can take part in building a Cloud business and offer customer solutions such as Microsoft Volume Licensing and flexible monetary payments.
  • Azure Certified Program: Microsoft is introducing a new Azure Certified logo certification program for Partners. The program includes co-marketing assistance, a listing on the Azure website and access to the Azure customer base through placement in the Azure Management Portal.
  • Azure Machine Learning University: Machine Learning University offers online step-by-step instruction to help Partners get started on working with Machine Learning right away.

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