Ways to Keep Tabs on the Microsoft Cloud in 2014

Ways to Keep Tabs on the Microsoft Cloud in 2014

In Preparing for IT Longevity in 2014, you might notice that the topics I keyed-in on are all Microsoft-centric and Cloud-based. As I noted in 2013: A Look Back and a Look Forward on the Technology Stories That Matter to IT, Microsoft leads the pack in the pieces of the Cloud that matter to IT and business. Some will argue that, but there's a tough row to hoe to get me to take back that statement. While other vendors are focused heavily on a Public Cloud offering, Microsoft has invested in providing a Cloud that is choice-based through the Hybrid Cloud.

2014 will be an interesting time for Microsoft and the Cloud. Windows Azure will continue to be flooded with updates and new features and the majority of you may miss out on some of the more notable news. Of course, we'll keep you apprised of every important update here on WindowsITPro, but Microsoft also offers several ways to help you keep tabs on their Cloud activities.

Here's a few of them:

And, of course, you can catch all the coverage and commentary here at WindowsITPro. We'll not only report on the news, but also provide real-world commentary to help you sift through the Microsoft marketing and messaging machine.

EXTRA: Did you know that WindowsITPro hosts a special web site dedicated to HP's and Microsoft's Private Cloud partnership? You can find that here: Microsoft/HP Private Cloud

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