Watch the Surface v2 Press Event Here

Watch the Surface v2 Press Event Here

Sadly, there was no live video feed from today's Surface v2 press event. The event is now over, but the on-demand version, in its entirety, is below so you can watch and hear what Microsoft took to the stage to announce today.

Of particular note, notice how very calm Microsoft's Panos Panay remains during the entire event. For me, at least, when someone uses the word "exciting" to show feeling, I get more out of it in body language and facial expressions – which Panos has none of. Its one thing to show comfort onstage, but quite another to emit no feeling at all, particularly when trying to sell excitement to a captive audience. I think this is part of the reason for the smattering of applause. Panos' low-key manner , makes it almost comical in different junctures, and I half expect someone to interrupt and announce: "It's Saturday Night Live!" The SNL folks could definitely use this as great fodder for a skit. My favorite bit during the event is when Panos' simply says "we did this" and flips the Surface Pro 2's kickstand into the new second position designed for lap use.

You'll see what I mean…



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