Upcoming Skills Event for Microsoft Intune

Upcoming Skills Event for Microsoft Intune

If you're a long-time System Center Configuration Manager customer you need to know that those days are numbered. There's been some significant community discussions on the future of Microsoft's on-premises management tool concerning its future in the face of an increasingly Cloud-intent Microsoft and what shape centralized management will take in the near future.

I'm still working up a long commentary on the issue to give you the best view possible, including guidance to prepare, and hope to have that completed yet this week.

In the interim let me say this:

In December I wrote about 3 Technologies to Focus On in 2015 for IT Job Security. In that short list I included Microsoft Intune and I did so with careful consideration. There's a distinct breadcrumb trail that led me to including that. Microsoft Intune is a hugely important component of what Microsoft will solicit customers to use for managing computers and devices. Due to its Cloud make up, Intune has a clear advantage within Microsoft and the majority of development is being focused there. Here's a tip: If you ever want to know what Microsoft's plans are, follow changes in the MVP program. Recently, Microsoft altered the requirements for MVPs in the Enterprise Client Management (Configuration Manager) area so that individuals can only be awarded (or re-awarded) if they have Intune experience. That should tell you something. Since then, I've seen many of the current MVPs scramble to show Intune acumen through blog posts and social media comments and shares.

So, now is a great time to prepare. Again, I'll have some specific guidance in my upcoming commentary, but until then, there's an approaching online event that you should be aware of.

On April 23, 2015, Microsoft will be hosting a live event covering Microsoft Intune core skills. Delivered by Brad Anderson (Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Client & Mobility) and Simon May (Microsoft Technical Evangelist: Infrastructure, IT Pro, Technical, Client, and Cloud), the virtual session will is expected to be fast-paced and informative. Here's what you expect to be included:

  • Instructor-Led v-Lab, Solution Demo
  • Microsoft Intune 101
  • Device Policies to Enable Mobile Device Management
  • Application Policies to Enable Mobile Application Management
  • Conditional Access to Company Resources

The event is free and the only prerequisites are an interest in managing and secure devices and Windows 10.

Jump out to the following link on the Microsoft Virtual Academy web site to register: Microsoft Intune Core Skills Jump Start


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