Understand Android for Work

Understand Android for Work

Q. What is Android for Work?

A. Android has a very diverse ecosystem which has historically had inconsistency related to management. Many technologies, for example Intune, required Samsung KNOX for most manageability as Android lacked its own native manageability capability. Google is addressing this with Android for Work (AfW) which is standard in all Android 6 and above devices. Through AfW a consistent management is possible across the entire Android ecosystem and is leveraged by Intune to provide capabilities including:

  • Work profiles that incorporate the work applications that are managed by the profile
  • Application publishing through the Google Play Store (note that ALL applications must be published through Google Play Store so organizational line of business applications need to be deployed by the Play Store but are marked private by the organizations developer account)
  • Application configuration
  • Email configuration
  • VPN, certificate and Wi-Fi profiles
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