TechEd Europe: Microsoft Intune Advances Coming Soon

TechEd Europe: Microsoft Intune Advances Coming Soon

It's just not a true Microsoft event without a stack of announcements.

Already noted today, Microsoft has unveiled Batch for Azure Preview and the addition of MDM in Office 365 for free. And, don't forget, I'll have an embargoed conversation with Brad Anderson, VP at Microsoft, posted up later today.

In addition to these previous announcements, during the opening keynote at TechEd Europe, Microsoft has also taken the wraps off several of the features that will be rolling out in a coming update for Microsoft Intune.

Here's what's coming soon:

  • Intune-managed Office mobile apps that enable your workforce to securely access corporate data using the apps they know and love while preventing data leakage by restricting actions such as copy/cut/paste/save as and ‘open-in’ between apps in your managed app ecosystem
  • App wrapping capabilities that help secure your existing line-of-business applications, integrating these apps into your managed app ecosystem without further development or code changes
  • Managed browser, PDF viewer, AV player, and Image viewer apps for Intune that allow users to securely view content on their devices within the managed app ecosystem
  • Grant access to corporate resources, including access to Exchange email, based upon device enrollment and compliance policies set by the administrator
  • Bulk enrollment of devices using Apple Configurator or service account, simplifying administration and enabling policies and applications to be deployed at a large scale

As you'll read later today, my chat with Brad Anderson really emphasizes how important Microsoft Intune is to Microsoft, and how Microsoft Intune is actually a product of failure.

P.S. Those that attended IT/Dev Connections this year, might note that many of these Microsoft Intune announcements were made there, too. :)

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